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Dr. Ing. Konrad Weiss

Dr. Ing. Weiss is the founder and owner of RWP. RWP was established in 1984, being the first on the market with simulation software based on the Finite Element Method. Combining his educational background and his hand-on knowledge of the foundry industry, Konrad incorporated 15 years of experience to establish an internationally recognized leading software. With representatives stretching from the Far East to Europe, Konrad is responsible for an infrastructure of sales organizations. Konrad continues to improve the current SIMTEC/WINCAST modules by integrating research studies with the latest and actual findings. As RWP grows by size and market share, Konrad strives to meet the demands of the industry and the daily advances made in technology with new modules based on the latest methods used in foundries.

Dr. Ing. Christoph Honsel

Dr. Ing. Christoph Honsel is the leader of the research and development group of RWP. He joined RWP at the beginning and has been the driving and innovative force behind the company. Christoph's Ph.D. thesis was in the field of residual stress, which is the center of the SIMTEC/WINCAST Stress Module, released in 1989. Christoph's knowledge and pursuit of research and technology makes him a vital member of the RWP Group.